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4 Home Renovation Tips

With summer in full swing and as we stay more at home, now is the time to get started on your home renovation project. As long as you plan the renovation, set a budget and timeline, you will have a successful project! Here are 4 tips that will help you get started with your home renovation.

Get Clear on What You Want to Get Done

It’s important when starting a home renovation project to get clear on what area in the house you will want to get upgraded. First think of your lifestyle, which area is the most used in the home and how you would want to improve it. Does your kitchen in need of more storage space? Does your master bathroom need to be reconfigured? Once you know which area you want to improve, it will help you stay on budget and on  timeline.

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Set a Home Renovation Budget

After you decided on the project, the next step is to set a clear budget for the project. New jobs may be uncovered that you didn’t realize needed to be done, rewiring a whole house for example. Setting a budget will allow you to keep a very close eye on what is being spent so that you will be able to hopefully finish the project on budget.

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Set a Home Renovation Timescale

Just like the budget, a timescale on a project can easily slip. This helps you avoid going overtime and increase the cost of the project. It’s a good idea to set a hard deadline and agree with the tradespeople that you are hiring. Once you are committed to the deadline it is up to you to oversea that the project is on track and close to completion.

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Hire Professionals

Getting in the right people for the job ensure that you are kept safe during the renovation, and that the job is done correctly and to a high standard. When hiring contractors; review their past projects, and verify that they are licensed and insured. Go over the contract carefully and make sure that the terms, budget and timeline appear on the contract.

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