5 Ways to Boost Productivity While Working from Home

Working from home can be a blessing and a curse—getting dressed up and commuting is a plus, but working and living in the same space can make it difficult to create separate spaces of work and play. If you’re finding yourself way less productive than you’d like to be while working at home; here are 5 tips to help you maximize your efficiency and help you hit refresh on your work life.

1. Establish morning routine

Tackle each day as if you are going to the office. Get showered , get dressed (jeans and cute T-shirt have my favorite go to’s) make your bed, have a good breakfast, quick dining table/kitchen counter cleanup. It’s the head-clearing rituals that prepares you for the day, creating necessary mental distance between home time and work time.


2. Carve out space for you office

When working from home, you need a specific space that signals to your brain (and your family) that you’re on the clock. It can be a desk in a guest bedroom, a certain chair and TV tray, dining room table or your comfy sofa to help you maintain the mental space to get things done.


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3. Get on a schedule

Having a schedule set (especially if you are a parent) helps tremendously get through the day! Schedule everything: your work time, homeschooling time, exercise time, zoom calling. When you, your partner and kids go by a schedule it’s easier for everyone to be on board and help each other to get things done.

4. Multi-task

As home and work have merged into one space; we are now forced to multi-task to get more things done. Based on your schedule, some of the tasks can be done together. Schedule phone calls during drive-time or your morning walk. While you load laundry, have your partner or children fold the clothes.

5. Set time to unwind

At the end of the day do something that you love to rest your mind and unwind. Do online yoga class, paint your nails, continue your education, read a book, or whatever else that feels like a treat after a long day.






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