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Interior Designer – Your home should not only fit your lifestyle but it should also inspire you every day. At Michelle Agulansky Interior Designs, she does just that! Lead designer Michelle  does not only focus on creating distinctive homes that reflect their owners’ values. But she also captures and brings out their personality. Whether she is transforming an oceanfront condo or a coastal vacation home her focus is the same. In addition, Michelle listens closely to translate each client’s aspirations. To create beautiful,  and functional spaces for the life they want to live.

From one-room remodeling, single room design, or a one-room refreshing. To complete home remodeling and interior designing. Michelle Agulansky can help reinvent your space and turn it into your overall dream home. Michelle’s creative and inventive eye can bring your home to life. She will transform your house into the home you’ve always wanted.

Maybe you’re not looking for a complete home remodel? Maybe you’re simply unsure about how to arrange the many furnishing is your house. Michelle Agulansky’s keen eye for detail can certainly help you. She can arrange your furnishing in the most space effective and best looking way possible. Michelle has  years of experience using her creative visions for client’s  homes. She will ensure that your home gets the look it deserves, so you can live comfortably and happily.

Interior design is just like art! The Interior Designer is also just like an artist! Let Michelle Agulansky’s Designs bring out the hidden beauty of your home that’s just waiting to shine and be seen. 

If you’re looking for a Home designer with the experience, vision, and dedication to transform your home call, Michelle!

interior design
interior design


Michelle Agulansky

Interior Designer Michelle feels most at home designing, building, and giving. Because bringing beauty to life goes beyond textiles and tile. In addition, with each project, Michelle endeavors to give dimension to her client’s creative vision. Producing unrivaled results that exceed their expectations. She also finds joy in those small things like demolishing worn, dated, or distasteful rooms. Turning them into piles of rubble that rise from the ashes into gorgeous kitchens, bathrooms, and beyond. Every project, no matter how large or small, is undertaken with passion and attention to detail. While also being carefully curated to help you create the space you envision.

Your home also becomes the canvas on which Michelle’s talent and artistic eye are the perfect partnership. Let your homes makeover be done by an artist with vision.

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