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The Design Process

Design Process – From selecting furniture and décor pieces, to remodeling and everything in between. Michelle Agulansky Designs will work with you from concept to completion, transforming your house into a home.

Design Process

Design Process - Initial Consultation

Michelle will come to your home and perform a walkthrough to get a feel for the room she has to work with and the layout of your home. During this time, she will discuss with you her ideas of what to do with the area, as well as your ideal outcome for the look of your home. Once the photos and measurements have been taken, Michelle will begin the process of brainstorming designs your home.

design process

Design Process - Proposal Review

In addition to consulting with you in persona bout your ideas, Michelle will send you a proposal outlining her basic vision for your space. This includes the representation of both high and low budget points, as well as details on the individual design fee for your house, and a visual model of her design concept.

design process

Design Process - Presentation

Michelle will then present you with her vision based on the floor plan of your home, selected plants and furniture, as well as materials for remodeling and paint colors. You will also get the chance to review the entire process and materials used, and select the option you feel is best for your home.

design process

Design Process - Project Management

Once the design is approved, Michelle secures all the necessary craftsmen to fulfill the needed tasks — contractors, installers, and vendors — so the design is executed as intended.

design process


The installation phase is the most exciting part for clients. This is where you get to see all the design elements and hard work come together.

This is also the phase where your vision comes to life! Michelle will oversee the installation of all rugs, furniture, lighting, art, and accessories in your home.

Her presence will ensure that your home is as close to perfect as possible.

design process


It takes that special artist’s eye to see the hidden potential on the canvas of your home. Michelle is that artist. Once everything has been installed, decorated, and completed, your newly renovated space is now yours to enjoy!

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