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For 2021 why not start the New Year with a little home makeover? Maybe your bedroom furniture doesn’t serve you any longer, or maybe you are simply looking for a fresh bedroom design?

Doing an E-Design service can be an easy way to start on your home makeover.

  • Meetings are done virtually according to your time and schedule
  • One room design project that fits your style and budget


Initial Design Conversation

During the first virtual conversation, I go over with the client questionnaire about the lifestyle, style and other concerns she has with the space. I provide clear instructions how to measure the space correctly and request a few photos of the space.


During the second virtual conversation, I go over with the client the initial design, moodboard and materials used for the space.

Michelle Agulansky Designs

3D rendering

After the second design conversation and presenting the moodboard design, I create two 3D design options for the client to select from.


Michelle Agulansky Designs

Furniture List & Floorplan

Once the final design is approved, the client receives list of all furniture and materials used for the space. She also receives a detailed floorplan where to place the new decor items according to the design.

Michelle Agulansky Designs


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