How to Select The Right Paint Color For Your Home

Thinking of revamping your home? Painting your walls a new color is a simple DIY that provides a major impact to any space. Whether you want to paint a whole room or a single accent wall, there a few points you must consider first before you start painting!

Think About the Mood

Before you begin selecting wall colors, you should ask yourself how you want to feel in the room as well as how you want guests to feel. Do you want to make a long, narrow space feel bigger and wider than it is? Select a lighter color for the longer walls and a slightly darker hue for the short walls to maximize the space. If you want the space to feel more cosy and intimate, use warm hues (browns, orange, or reds) that advance toward you to make the walls feel closer. Do you want to make a small room seem bigger? Use cool hues (blues, greens, and purples) which recede visually, to make the walls feel more distant.

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Examine What Colors You Already Have

Look around the room you want to paint and and see what colors are already in the space. Consider what furniture and decor pieces you want to keep and make sure you select a paint color that fits with hues of the room.

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Consider the Lighting

Lighting is one of the most essential factors to consider when selecting a paint color. The size and natural light of the room will impact the way the color will appear on your walls.  Natural daylight provides the truest color payoff, so if your space has large natural sources of light you will be able to see the true color. The more light in the room the lighter the color will appear, the darker the light the darker the color will appear. Before you commit to a paint color be sure test color swatches throughout the room and look at different hours of the day to see if you really like that color selection.

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Test Your Colors

After you have select a few colors you like, buy samples of those color to really see how they look in your space. Test them on a piece of wood or drywall, and hold them up to your flooring, your tile, and other permanent fixtures (remember those?) to see how they’ll look with the rest of the room. Paint and hardware stores offer wide range of sample colors and options (cards, brochures, peel-and-stick) in affordable prices that can help you make the best decision for your home.

Samplize– 12″x12″ peel-and-stick color swatch $5.95/sheet

Benjamin Moore – 4’’x8’’ paint color swatch card $1.99 /sheet

Sherwin Williams – $8.69 per quart container.

Farrow & Ball -free colour card brochure of 132 paint options

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Don’t Be Afraid to Experiment

There is a common misconception that dark colors close a small room. But through the use of one unified color you enhance the space and can actual make it feel larger. Embrace the darkness of a small room by using strong, darker hues to create a dramatic and intimate feel.

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Paint color selection can be an overwhelming and confusing task, but if you have a good strategy in place and test your selections you can make smart decisions that can totally transform the way your home looks and feels!



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