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We are halfway through the first month of the new year. You have set your goals for the year, signed up to the gym and now it’s time to get organized at the office. Whether you WFH or work in an office, workflow helps you automate your everyday tasks and dramatically increase your productivity so you can get more done. Take some time this month to get your office organized; get rid of all the clutter, add helpful products to your work desk to get energized and balanced from nine to five.


Clearing off your desk first always gives you a fresh start. Remove all files from desk and organized them by subject in file racks or trays. Have your necessary writing supplies, clips and scissors placed in ceramic cups.


Adding pop of color to your work space, instantly boots your mood. Just by adding a small plant with teal vase or vibrant planner you can achieve an aesthetically pleasing space and get more energy. Stack books with similar color scheme to add color and dimension to your desk. Add a bright throw pillow to your work chair for extra comfort and style.


Plants are known to be mood boosters and air purifiers. Dressing up your desk with plants will bring you much needed color to your space, and will help you breath easier and feel more energized throughout the day. Exotic angel, peperomia, arrowhead and cactus are some of the in-door plants you can have at your office.


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